In today’s competitive environment, we need to react quicker then ever before to our competitors and satisfy our customers needs. Using our real time Membership, Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features combined with fully integrated POS terminals, we can provide a total solution for your venue or franchise.

Customers are becoming increasingly savvy and as the cost of acquiring new customers continues to increase, winning customer’s loyalty at the lowest possible cost is paramount.      

Build a powerful customer relationship with the ability to link transactions and award loyalty points to individual members. Members can also be divided up into any number of classifications. For example Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Each classification can have its own ratio for earning loyalty points per dollar spent and/or a specified price level.

The loyalty card themselves can use a magnetic stripe, barcode label or both, to be identified at the POS or around the venue.

Staff only need merely swipe or scanner the members card and the transaction is instantly assigned to that member. Any discounts or special offers are automatically applied to the sale without staff having to do a thing.

Customer information can be requested from the POS if a member requires an update on their loyalty points total and what this amounts to in redemption value. If a member wants to redeem their loyalty point, our system will automatically validate in the Back Office(locally) or Head Office (remotely) that the member has enough points to complete this transaction. If there is a short fall then the system will calculate the dollar amount required to complete the transaction.